Effective Prayer for the Sick Father in Heaven, we pray to You today, with our heart heavy with concern for “Name”. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine … Have mercy on him. Through Him, who is the Shepherd and Bishop of our souls, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Prayer that the Sick Will Hope in God Lord God of our Fathers, we humbly come before You asking that the ones for whom we are offering our prayers will receive strength in their sickness and place their confident expectation in Your loving care. Give the caregivers wisdom and compassion from You as they tend to the ill. From You only can we expect relief; all blessings we enjoy come from You. O God, the strength of the weak and the comfort of sufferers: Mercifully accept our prayers, and grant to your servant N. the help of your power, that his sickness may be turned into health, and our sorrow into joy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Sustain him and restore him as he sleeps. Prayers offered on behalf of the congregation. James 5:13–16. Hear us when we pray to you. More prayers rise for this world, for healing, for love, for new life, for peace. Prayer to Stretch out Arms of Love Almighty God, stretch out Your arms of love for Your daughter, who needs Your healing touch. The Lord will heal them and if they have sinned, they will be forgiven." May this be a time where her faith is strengthened, where her endurance grows, where the fruit of the Spirit grows abundantly in her life, and where her outlook becomes a confident and cheerful expectation of Your healing. Words are wounding, eroding the soul, and killing the spirit. Enriching our Worship 2 includes litanies and prayers—some Here are 16 good Episcopal prayers for the sick. In the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. May we join You in a reality free from corruption, darkness, and insincerity. Saint Mark's Episcopal Church. Have mercy on your servant. Justice for the poor and needy 3. Have mercy on those who are weak and frail and who are troubled and in pain. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Prayer #1. James 5:13-15 O … Amen. O Lord, let Your mercy rest upon him, for his trust is in You. Touch them with Your Healing Hands, Lord. We give thanks that You hear us when we call to You. Prayer to Defend from Disease O God, Author of Peace, in Your fatherly care, reach out to our brother in Christ and defend him from this dread disease that has come upon him. Prayer for Comfort and Relief High and Lofty One, we ask that You comfort and give relief to Your servants who are suffering from sickness. Long-standing practice in the Episcopal Church has offered a means for people to receive Holy Communion spiritually when it cannot be received physically. Amen. Dear God, we commit to you those in our families who have fallen sick. Comfort her in her pain. Prayer to Look with Favor Lord God of our Fathers, look with favor on our brother who is suffering and for whom pain is a constant companion. Nourish her soul with patience, comfort her with a sense of Your goodness, and give her peace and sweet rest. By your holy Incarnation, by your Cross and Passion, by. Prayer for a Positive Mental Attitude Author of Peace, we intercede for our sister in Christ, that You would cultivate within her a positive mental attitude that will lead to a healing environment for this pain that harasses her frequently. Prayer to Sustain the One Who Is Sick Lord Who Inhabits Eternity, we ask that You sustain our sick loved one with Your Holy Spirit. worship life of the Episcopal Church. and relieve your sick servants, and give … Tarot Book Of Common Prayer The Afflicted Evening Prayer Little Prayer Pray Without Ceasing Beloved Book Episcopal Church Social Work Tend the sick, Lord Christ; give rest to the weary, bless the dying, soothe the suffering, pity the afflicted, shield the joyous. Send forth your Word and heal their diseases. We know that Jesus will be there to welcome our souls into God’s presence. Prayer for Abundant Life Giver of Life and Health, we intercede for Your servant whose health and vitality have been stolen from her. Deliver him, we pray, from this festering poison that is eroding him internally. Guide their hands and use them as Your instruments of peace. 1020 North Brand Boulevard, Glendale, CA, 91202, United States. We pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Grant healing of their eternal souls through the labors of Your holy Church. In You, O Lord, she has trusted; let her never be disappointed. Surround her with Your loving care and protect her body from the ravages of this disease. Great are You in might and power! From A Clergy Guide to End-of-Life Issues / Martha R. Jacobs ——————— Prayers for the Sick Make her like a tree planted by the waters, which prospers in good health. Prayer for a Child O Heavenly Father in whom we live and move and have our being, reach out in Your loving compassion and touch this child. Rather than being overwhelmed by emotions, may he be a steady over-comer. ... Evening Prayer from All Saints’ Day until the Friday before the First Sunday of Advent. We pray through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. Hear us when we pray to you. Prayer to Turn Sorrow into Joy Lord our Maker, we remember before You our sister in Christ who is struggling emotionally. May the procedure successfully treat the problem, and may You bless Your servant with swift recovery and full healing. Bless her with abundant life, free from sickness. Here are 12 good Episcopal prayers for healing. Bring healing and hope to Your servant, for he takes refuge in You. Amen. Bind all sickness with chains and cast it off of him. Holy Trinity, one God, Have mercy on your servant. Jesus, we invite You into this situation to speak truth to our sister and deliver her from any psychological trauma that may be manifesting itself in physical symptoms. Prayers for the Sick. Thank You, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, for You live and reign, one God, now and forever, Amen. Those who are sick and in need of healing 2. At the Burial of the Dead. Amen. Amen. Amen. Prayer to Turn Sickness into Strength O God the Strength of the Weak, in Your compassion, turn sickness into strength for our brother in the faith. Help her process negative emotions in a healthy way. Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy; comfort him with a sense of thy goodness; preserve him from the temptations of the enemy; and give him patience under his affliction. Prayer to Show Mercy High and Lofty One, because Your mercy is everlasting and Your truth endures from generation to generation, show mercy to Your child and grant her deliverance from this sickness. Help me in my fear. The Churching of Women. Bring her safely through, we pray. Give him Your wisdom to realize the truth and release this gall of bitterness. Deliver him from the chains of bitterness that bind him to the sins others have committed against him.

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